Monday, January 23


Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating this festival... xin nian kuai le, wan xi ru yi :)
It's been a busy week of meetings, shopping, rushing from here to there, etc.. and am in the middle of a family crisis now, huhu..
The children are fine, though, and insyaAllah we'll be celebrating in my hometown tomorrow.
Will update with some surprises later.
In the mean time, have a great time and happy holidays :)


  1. Happy Chinese New Year sis..
    sorry for the late reply - i think got some prob with blogspot - was unable to comment until now.. thanx for the wonderful was really helpful ..masalah nyer sofea nyer sijil nikah dah letak nama muslim becoz i didnt know at tht time.. now i m having prob becoz of difference in name in sijil nikah and in IC.. i procrastinated in changing it sbb sofea nyr degree in original name rite grad from alot of my frens told to me not to change it sbb degree cert xleh nak tukar nti..
    but org JPN explain it ok becoz they wil produce a letter saying the bearer is of the same person with the same IC..

    Hope all goes well jer la..Wil be changing it soon..too many documents wit diff names now..aduhhh....

    Take care thr and happy holidays ...