Wednesday, February 2


Happy Chinese New Year 2011 to all readers.
May the year of the rabbit be a year of more happiness, prosperity and abundance for everyone.

We won't be celebrating it this year until Ikram recovers from measles which started on Saturday. It has been a hectic week because I had to be warded for 2 days at the hospital for suspected ILI, and Ikram was down with fever when I returned home. Hence the long silence in the blog.. sorry friends.
I'm quarantined with him at home. Alhamdulillah he's coping well although a little cranky due to the itchiness. I'm thankful that it's the festive hols, which allows me to be home to take care of him. Hopefully he'd be healed by the time school reopens. As I already had measles when I was in 7 years old, am also praying that the baby I'm carrying will be safe from the virus.

Am eager to see him in his new chinese new year costume when he's recovered  :)
Lo hon kor, sea coconut & longan dessert.. managed to cook this for 1st day of CNY... life gotta be sweet maa


  1. May him get well soon :)

  2. syafakallah...smoga Allah sembuhkan anda....

  3. Salaam sis,
    Oh dear, inshaa Allaah He will protect baby from the disease. Take care dear sis.
    La ba'sa tahoorun inshaa Allaah - may it be a source of purification for you, if Allaah wills.

    May He ease our affairs, ameen..

  4. ameen.. thanks for your doa and best wishes..

  5. Alhmdulillah cuti panjang...sempat berehat & sembuh drpd campak & sakit-mirip-influenza.

    Allah maha-pencipta! Dia kurniakan kita dgn imunologi utk mennangi keadaan tersebut.