Monday, February 14


Alhamdulillah after 5 days of measles during the Chinese New Year hols, Ikram recovered well enough to return to nursery and I to work when school reopened on Monday the 7th. Celebrations were all cancelled due to our quarantine, so we were stuck at home. Fortunately Ikram was still active and smiling despite the discomfort. By the 4th day, when the measles subsided, I was raising the white flag at him - he was so active that I was exhausted taking care of him. Being pregnant and suffering from morning sickness didn't help at all.

We finally went back home to my hometown yesterday (Sunday) to wish his Poh Poh and Gong Gong "a Happy Chinese New Year".
Syukur, the weather's good for travelling and despite being tired, we enjoyed ourselves.
Alhamdulillah for His grace.
And as this is his 1st CNY, Ikram's Abah bought a special costume, so we dressed him up like this...

Ikram: I've done the GongXi GongXi, so where is my angpow?
Ikram: Poh Poh's sofa is good for climbing.. now how to jump down?

Being rather plump, Ikram's size 4 shirt fit him but the pants are too long so I had to alter it by several inches. The China cap.. well, it's too small for his head [hahah]. Thankfully, the high-quality material is not too warm to wear. Ohhhh... he received very special angpows from his Poh Poh and Gong Gong for looking like an adorable "China boy"  :D

I'm still having morning sickness but after so many trial-and-error, am finally surviving on cream crackers and mugs of hot Milo-O. So far so good... at least I don't stare at the toilet bowl too often these days :P

** photos courtesy of my brother, the cameraman :)


  1. kak aliya, ikram sgt comel.. subhanallah..

  2. assalamualaikum,kak...tentu seronokkn sambut 2 perayaan..lebih-lebih lagi dengan kehadiran si kecil...

  3. Salam Kak Aliya..

    Ikram nampaknya sangat comel dengan pakaian Ang2 hehe..