Tuesday, December 23


"Yang, we have to change plans. I can't drive all the way to Kuala Lumpur," Husband called to inform me from the clinic.
I received the call two days before departure to KL. All tickets had been bought. Visa and arrangement had been made. I listened with dread as Husband's health problem emerged again after so long.
He had gout 3 days before our planned trip for Beijing.
We had planned to drive from Penang to KL but due to the unforseen circumstances, we had to change to Plan B.

"We open only for tonight, dik. It's Sunday and we have a special train to KL. Otherwise we'd be closed by 8pm," said the lady clerk at the train station where I bought the next day's ticket. Alhamdulillah, for I was able to purchase the needed tickets that night at 9.45pm instead of having to return to buy again the next morning.

We left for KL by the 7am train from Butterworth with 2 large travelling bags. Husband was already limping with a cane and I was trying hard to keep calm while cheering him on. It was a long 6-hour journey and we arrived at the KL Central at 2.30pm. We headed straight to KL International Airport and arrived there at 8pm. It was a tiring day. We had little rest, packing till late into the night the day before and waking up at 5am to catch the train.I was so tired that I had no time to switch on my PC and inform this blog's readers about my planned trip to China. Sorry if I had kept you all waiting the whole week for my latest news. Every plan had to changed due to Husband's sudden illness.

We didn't even know where to meet up with our travelling agent from TM Tours and Travels. We had contacted them through e-mails and phone calls, and they had been very polite and helpful, asking us to meet at the airport at 9.30pm on 16th December.

I with Mas in a white tudung(tour agent who managed 33 of us in Beijing)
and Awin in brown suit(the agent in charge at the office). Lovely ladies :)

Syukur alhamdulillah. By 10pm, everyone had arrived. Husband managed to get himself a wheelchair from the MAS counter and we were quite comfortable waiting for the 0030am flight to Beijing. We even had the MAS personnel to wheel him to the plane, which actually saved me a lot of trouble, me in my still post-surgery stage.

Our tour agents were friendly and stayed with us until we departed. There were 29 of us in the Muslim tour to Beijing. Our tour guide, the sweet and friendly Mas was efficient and we soon were on our way to the capital of China.

When Allah swt wills it, it will indeed happen as He plans. I had never thought that we would be leaving KLIA in such a condition, me wheeling Husband in the wheelchair and managing the bags myself. We had thought that he would be looking after me as I was supposedly the weaker one (and recovering from surgery)between us, huhuhu. Alhamdulillah I didn't suffer from any ailments during our 6-days and 5-nights trip to China. Husband too had slowly recovered and could walk without a cane by the 4th day in Beijing. When we left the historical city, he had taken charge of everything including the bags. I was very relieved.

This trip to Beijing had been a memorable one and I had learned to fully trust Allah swt and depend on His wisdom. I had met some friendly Chinese Muslim nationals, prayed at the mosques there, climbed the Great Wall of China, ate some delicious halal Chinese food and made new friends among my tour members. I had seen many new things and places. InsyaAllah I'll share them in this blog soon.


  1. Selamat pulang Kak Aliya. Syukur perjalanan akak selamat walau pun melalui susah payah, diuji Allah, Kak Aliya memang tabah.

  2. Alhamdulillah saya bersyukur kerana dengan izinNya saya selamat tiba di Beijing, melawat semua tempat dalam jadual kami, dan selamat pulang ke rumah. Urusan kami dipermudahkanNya. Formulanya mudah saja- bersikap tenang dan berusaha, selepas itu tawakkal padaNya.