Wednesday, February 15


Busy week but I'd like to share this wonderful video clip with everyone...

On Maulidur Rasul, for many years including 2012, groups of Muslims have been going around with roses, chocolates and books about prophet Muhammad SAW. No, it's not to commemorate Valentine's Day but to introduce Muhammad SAW to non-Muslims and share with them his story, and why Muslims revere him so.Wish I were around to help but had to be with the children that day.There are also other pictures but need to ask the photographer's permission before putting them here.

I wrote about this project back in the year 2010, which was a great success. I was told that the gifts were specially prepared and cost about RM10 each [book, rose and choc]. Donations are most welcomed, for next year's project :)

Congratulations to IPSI [Islamic Propagation Society International], Ustaz Kamarudin Abdullah and the groups of youngsters who were brave to approach non-Muslim strangers and talk about our beloved prophet.
They did not walk in processions with banners. They did not sang nasyeed song nor recited the selawat loudly that day. Instead they walked in shopping centres and streets in small groups with gifts for English-reading non-Muslim strangers.

I can imagine how nervous they must had felt as they approached a stranger. Would he/she be happy to accept their gift? Or would that person frown when he/she sees the title of the book and start to accuse them of trying to convert people to Islam? How many of us Muslims would dare to do like those Muslim missionaries ?

Watch this video:

and tell me what you think. Happy? Angry? Surprised?


  1. OK saja...bijak...mohon kongsi...nak letak dalam FB

  2. This is a good time and place to share my story. I became a Muslim last year, June. August was my first Ramadan.

    As a child, I have always looked for God. I was born into a Christian family, but have never felt spiritually close to the institutionalized aspects of christianity. Of cos I prayed within the framework of christianity to God (but I never felt the 'closeness' or the 'adoration' that many christians feels towards Jesus). And so I prayed and longed for God and looked for God.

    I remember many a times, as a teen, tears flowing down my cheeks when I listened to the Azan. But oddly enough, I never thought of going deeper into Islam or even thought of converting (or reverting, since I was a born christian). Part of the reason is all the negative things one reads about Islam and the Prophet. I have read the Quran, but always with a 'Western' eye, a 'Western' perspective.

    My early experiences with Muslims did not help either. I remember once putting in a bid to build a mosque in a multi racial taman. I had a vision of a mosque that is the centre for the community to break barriers, and to create understanding about Islam. I got the architect to come out with a mosque that is based on traditional Malay architecture, not Middle Eastern which to my mind, does not suit our tropical landscape. The entire mosque ground is turned into a park with streams flowing and shaded rest areas. I incorporated pavilion-like libraries to be stocked with books about Islam in Chinese, English and the languages of the minorities in the community. I envisioned the neighbourhood coming to the garden in the evenings and reading the books and talking to volunteer muslims about Islam. I even agreed to build at cost underground parking so that the above-ground land is reserved for human interaction.

    I made the presentation to the mosque committee, explaining to them that the mosque can be a centre for community interaction, to foster interracial relationship, and to spread better understanding about the teachings of Islam. After one hour of my presentation, the leader of the committee said, "I don't mind a non-Muslim building our mosque…."

    Here I was a non-Muslim reaching out and he, a Muslim's first reaction was to put a barrier between us. In any event, I did not get the contract though I offered a total turnkey package of RM3.5m. It was later tendered out at RM7.5m or so, and another concrete mosque was added to our tropical landscape. The land surrounding the mosque was made into a hot, bare, car park and during most days, the mosque is barely used.

    And so I wandered spiritually through the years, and for some odd reason, got enamored with Hinduism. Hindusim quietened a small part of my spiritual hunger, but the longing was still there; the longing to do my duty to God, the longing to know God, the longing to feel part of God.

    To be continued if you are interested.

  3. Salam,
    That is 'out-of-the-box'. Could turn this into a tradition for Maulidur Rasul, reaching out for the better understanding of our beloved prophet by others. God forbid those people who would turn against this by classifying this as bidaah. My friends had gone through that 'bidaah torment' doing something creative like this for a good cause in the name of Islam.

    Muslim Convert,
    Please continue. My suggestion, you could start a blog for there'll be plenty of room to discuss the matter you put forward and how we (muslim readers)could tackle them hand in hand.

  4. or maybe to even the muslims...not all muslims really know about rasullullah s.a.w,i think...or maybe for them, he is just a prophet...not a role model or someone they should look up to..

  5. i am actually touched by what had been said by Muslim convert. however i hope i can share this with u.
    'don't be sad or disappointed. muslims should have faith in Allah. things happen for reasons bu HE knows best. understanding al quran and sunnah will help you to really understand the 'syahadah' better. maybe the last verse iin al baqarah might help you to understand. insyaallah. be strong.with all respects, forgive me if i am wrong.

  6. Waalaikumussalam everyone,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Muslim convert, welcome here.I agree with Author M, you should have a blog or at least write your story in full. Perhaps you could send your story to Open SEAM? They collect stories of Asian Muslim reverts.
    Author M, it has become a yearly activity for IPSI. And for those who classify such events as bidaah, ask them what they themselves have done to introduce Islam and prophet Muhammad to nonMuslims?
    anak abah man, you are right. We seldom have youngsters/teens attending Islamic talks unless they're in schools. We need to promote Rasulullah SAW as a great role model, much much greater than all the artiste/models they look up to and admire.
    tenang_aku, good advice. Thanks. Yes, we should all have faith in ALLAH, come what may.

  7. Muslim convert:

    i'm look forward to know more about your journey~

  8. I feel ashamed that I had not thought to spread the love of Rasulullah creatively and without inhibition. I pray Allah reward these people with Jannah.