Saturday, January 8


40 used to seem like a long time to reach especially when one is a teenager.
I remember when I was 21, I had a long list of 'To Do'. For instance, get a degree at 24. Get married at 25. Have a baby at 28. Write a book. Buy a house. Bla-bla-bla... all those dreams.
Looking back, well.. I was able to achieve some of those dreams although much later than I had aimed for. And as for those that are yet to be done, there's still time for them, insyaAllah.
And today, I'm 40 years old.
Yes, I'm stickign to 40 years old, not years young like some people like to suggest. I won't lie about my age, hehe.
Alhamdulillah for living until 40.

When I were 21, I thought being 40 means being old and well, being unattractive.[that was in the 90s, guys]
40 is halfway between life and death, as some people like to say. [the average age is 80]
20s is for experiencing life, 30s for starting a family and 40? Well, 40 is for maturity.
Hey, that's when you'd start getting fine lines and wrinkles.[Now I consider mine as signs of maturity, haha]
That's when the white hairs seem to sprout on your head [last time I look, less than my right fingers, hooray]
That's when gravity begins to play havoc to your body [unbothered for now as I'm pregnant, haha]
That's when you have to watch your diet [again, I'm pregnant so a good excuse to continue eating, hahaha]
I like to remember that fact that prophet Muhammad [pbuh] attained prophet-hood and started preaching about Islam at 40.
That , being 40, must mean something good for Allah to choose that age for him to spread Islam to the world.

I've been offline for 2 days due to exhaustion and rather poor health before this weekend. Getting back to school can be so tiring especially when one is 2 month pregnant and suffering from coughs and morning/evening/night sickness. I dare not even go to the government clinic for fear of being forcibly warded for hypertension.[am religiously taking my pills]
InsyaAllah life will be better soon. This test will pass, jut like all others before it.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes via FB.
As I have 3 birthdays - roman calendar, chinese calendar and muslim calendar - it's gonna be triple fun again this year, hehehehee...
Yes, I'm going to embrace being 40 for all it's worth - the maturity that it brings [that people seems to believe and regard you], the experiences that I've gained all these 40 years, the good career that I have, my growing happy family, and good health that I still have before reaching 50, 60, 70, 80[ insyaAllah].
Syukur alhamdulillah for being able to live another day.

40? Nahhh, it's just a number.
A good number.
I'm going to get busy living :)


  1. Salam sister. Selalu baca kali ini ingin catat sesuatu. Alhamdulilah Allah kurnia hingga 40 tahun. Umur 40 tahun ada disebut dalam alQuran. Umur 60 ada disebut dalam Hadith. Kalau sudi lihat Blog akak "Inspirasi Mawaddah" @ Tajuknya "Mystry umur 40-60".

  2. Assalammualaikum sister,

    Happy 40th birthday. Indeed the age of 40 is an important age as a Muslim, that it was mentioned in the Quran. It is the age of responsibility.

    This June I will be 40 too, thank you for sharing your thoughts about turning 40. I wish to link your blog to mine, if you don't mind.

    Salam perkenalan,

    Haza from

  3. salam kak aliya. =) happy birthday! congratulations upon reaching your age of maturity. i still have a long way to go..but as life had shown, nothing really takes that long. pejam celik pejam celik tiba2 nani dah pun 40 years old, ha~~~

    anyway, kak aliya. nani nak mintak tolong. i tried to find a post you once wrote regarding mother's day. but i can't find it. did you delete it?

  4. Selamat Hari Jadi Pn Aliya,
    semoga dtambahkn rezeki, kmatangn brfikir & snntiasa dlm sihat walafiat.

    Usia 40 thn juga mengingatkn saya pengalaman pertama menunaikan fardhu haji...(syukur alhmdulillah anak2 dijaga baik oleh sdr mara).

    Oh ya, semoga Pn Aliya tdk terus takut dgn klinik susulan. Dlm ingatan saya, Pn juga pernah trdpt PIH (hipertensi cetusan kehamilan), selain drpd hipertensi esensial.

    Tekanan darah kita sentiasa bervariasi (& boleh juga progresif meskipun dgn memakan ubat antihipertensi). Maka tugas doktor adalah utk terus memantau & memberi rawatan sebaiknya mengikut keadaan yg bisa berubah.

    (In other words, progression of a disease, e.g hypertension, may not necessarily be related or influenced by the antihypertensive therapy. However, an appropriate treatment does contribute to the PROGNOSIS of the disease).
    [maaf krn terpaksa profesinal sedikit]

    Dlm Islam juga, pendekatan mencegah adalah lebih afdhal daripada merawatnya.)
    Wassalam...semoga ceria selalu.

  5. Waalaikumussalam nani,
    Thanks for the wishes.. well, if you're 40, then I'd be way over that age, hahaha.The link is here:

  6. Waalaikumussalam ngahsobahseliman,
    Thanks.. insyaAllah I will when time permits :)

  7. Waalaikumussalam Haza,
    Thanks.. sure, please do :)

  8. Waalaikumussalam nas
    ameen.. terimakasih atas doa dan nasihat.. Ya, saya dan suami pun pernah bercadang menunaikan haji bersama-sama ketika saya berumur 40, tetapi nampaknya masih perlu tunggu jemputanNya lebih-lebih lagi dengan anak masih kecil.
    Nak kata tak risau adalah menipu, kerana susah kalau disuruh masuk wad. Ikram masih memerlukan Ummi pada waktu tidurnya, suami pula kadang-kadang outstation. Sekarang memantau kesihatan sendiri sementara reschedule checkup di klinik dan hospital :)

  9. Selamat Menyambut Hari Lahir yg ke 40 Aliya. Yela.. masa zaman mak-mak kita dulu, 40 tu dah macam masuk tua nak tunggu kerepot. It's heartening to see the perception changed. Love to see ladies in their 40's looking fresh, lovely & healthy. Yg penting, mesti ada perubahan jiwa, akal dan fikiran yg berlaku seiring peningkatan usia Insya Allah.
    Take care!