Friday, February 15


I lingered at the foyer of the university main hall while waiting to leave for another function with my friends. There were many counters opened at the foyer; some by undergraduates and some by outsiders. I stopped by the Consumer counter to look at some books. One caught my eye because it’s different. Its content has nothing to do with what the consumer association is championing.
“Are these printed by CAP too?” I asked the handsome Malay salesman.
“Oh, those are my personal sales,” he replied.
“Really? I’ve never heard of the publisher before.”
He smiled. He told me that he’s helping the author to sell the books.
“Why did she write the book in English? Why not in Malay too?”
“Could be because she is more comfortable using English to tell her stories. She studied in USA before.”
“Well, personally I think she should translate it into Malay so that more Malaysians will benefit from her stories.”
I skimmed the book. It’s quite an interesting book, all motivational stories that have some Islamic verses to relate to Islam, which is why the salesman ( I forgot to ask his name – shows how much I’ve changed since I got married, hehehe) promotes it as a motivational Islamic book. The book costs RM21.00 at the counter. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough cash with me ( I'm saving up for a new car) but I promised the young man that I’ll introduce it in my blog so here it is.
The author is Zabrina A.Bakar. Check out her website at
p/s: Zabrina replied to my comment in her blog. She'll be publishing this book in the Malay language soon. Her book is available at MPH, Kinokuniya, Borders, etc. She's also selling it online and in US bookstores.

Next to that counter was one selling brooches. I couldn’t help stopping by to admire the beautiful brooches. The salesman was a Chinese but the assistant was a Malay lady. Hmm, I was about to leave because I’d prefer buying such things from a Muslim (support Muslims' businesses if possible) when I saw a notice on the board behind the counter. Kedai Ibrahim. I asked him who ‘Ibrahim’ was.
“That’s me,” said the Chinese-looking man.
“You’re a Malay?” I smiled.
“Actually I’m a mualaf,” he replied.
“Well, so am I,” I answered.
“Alhamdulillah. When did you get the hidayah?”
“2006… how about you?”
“2005, before you. Actually I was a lawyer before I converted.” And he took out his Convert Into Islam card, which proved that he converted in 2005 at Selangor. His card looks so high-tech compared to my laminated one from JAIPP, that I was ashamed to show him mine :P
Mr.Ibrahim has quit his law practice and is now working in the brooch-making and selling business.
According to him, his shop and factory produces 100% halal brooches. He explained to me that some chrystals are glued to the brooches with a layer of 'questionable' oil (alamak!). Since his shop is near my house, I might pay a visit soon. I’m hoping he’ll give me a special discount. Then maybe I can dazzle everyone with the latest fashionable brooches on my tudung, hehehee.
Well, got to know one more Muslim author and a Chinese Muslim brother today. Wonderful considering the fact that I was not in the mood to attend lectures at the university today.


  1. salam.. nice article, alhamdulillah i,ve gt time to go to u'r blog, by the way about the author... she was studying in IIUM, Malaysia, and now a full time writer. she have been to US for her book sales at there, hope you would make an adjustment about it...

    oh ya, my name is ridzuan (the CAP person).. nice meeting with you

  2. Waalikumussalam warahmatullah,
    Hi Ridzuan,
    Yes, I've gone to her blog. Thanks for the new information. Nice meeting you too :)