Friday, December 28


“So how do you feel after being a Muslim? Any difference?”
“Alhamdulillah I feel good. Sure, there are many differences,” I’d reply.
Actually that’s a stupid question to ask. It’s like asking somebody how they’d feel upon reaching a destination after a long journey. If I were to say something negative, then the person would probably think that there’s something wrong with me, not something wrong with the Islamic administration in Malaysia

Other famous questions from born Muslims:
“What made you interested in Islam?”
“What made you want to convert to Islam?”
Previously I found myself repeating the same answers, like a broken radio, but now, thanks to this blog, I can say,” Read my blog entry.” ^ - ^

Now, what do I like being a Muslim?

1. Being able to perform the solat. For me, it’s a 5-time meeting and conversation with God. Good for my total well-being. Catch me during my solat holidays and you might see a restless soul.

2. Performing the wuduk or ablutions. Only Muslims do that, as far as I know.

3. Doing the istinjak or cleansing. Only Islam has clear guidelines about that. I’ve never been cleaner.

4. Listening to the takbir of eid and enjoying it. It always makes me feel closer to Allah.

5. Reading the al-Quran in Arabic although I confess I'm still not good at it. This Chinese tongue has problems pronouncing certain words properly, huhuhu. But it's a challenge I enjoy. Keeps the brain cells active.

6. Being able to cover my aurat properly. Now I’m being judged for my abilities and not for my beauty.

7. Being a member of a large family of Muslim brotherhood and sisterhood. It gives me comfort and strength to know that each time I rukuk before Allah swt during solat, millions of brothers and sisters are doing the same action.

8. And most importantly of course, is to know that I can die in peace now that I have recited my Syahadah and am living as a practising Muslim. Alhamdulillah.


  1. Alhamdulillah... semoga menjadi muslim sejati,InsyaAllah.Saya suka entry ni.

  2. Welcome onboard, Aliyah. I like your blog!

  3. salam..

    ana suka entri ini! sgt2.. jzkk share!

  4. salam,

    istinjak tu apa? ana x pernah lagi dgr yg tu.. huhu =(

  5. Waalaikumussalam Liana,
    Istinjak means cleaning your private parts after relieving yourself [poohpooh or taking a leak] in the toilet.It ensures that you're really clean and can perform prayers without the need to change your underwear :)

  6. assalamualaikum aliya,

    we women share the same restless feeling during our solat holiday. i feel that always. one week holiday is like a very long lost way from Allah. i always miss 'sujud' becoz there i feel the closest to Allah.

  7. assalamualaikum aliya,

    we women share the same restless feeling during our solat holiday. 1 week holiday is like a long lost from Allah. i always miss 'sujud' coz there i feel the closest to Allah. anyway, we are always close to Allah with zikir. Solat has got holiday, but Zikrullah never have to. so, zikir a lot. Allah Knows.