Monday, December 24


"Not again!"
The pictures that I saw on the screen were obscene, ugly and humiliating. I should had been wiser. I shouldn't had opened the file but the title of the email was intruiging. huhuhu.

Chain emails. Some are funny, some educating but there are also a few that are plain trash. And I hate receiving the trash emails. They stink, are ugly and useless. Yet, they kept coming. Worse, they were sent by Muslim Malays, people who had somehow got my email address.

Pictures of VIPs' (very important persons) daughters in VIP (very indecent photos) positions. Pictures of so-called Muslims doing bad things. Pictures of so-called Muslims doing unholy things. Stories and gossips of so-and-so doing this-and-that. Urghh!! Made me want to vomit :(

I suppose some people get high adrenaline rush (better than viagra) by sending all those stuff to others. They may think that they were doing everybody a favour by informing the receivers about the going-ons. They may believe that it is good to forward such news to their friends, as a reminder not to be like the sinners. Heaven forbid, they may even say that they are better than the people in the photographs.
"Tengok la, teruknyer (See the things they do, so horrible)"
"Tskk, tskk, ya la... unbelievable!"
"See that girl? Ayoh... lucky not my daughter/sister."
"Ya la...eeee, dashyat! (terrible)"
"What you expect? Malaysia Boleh!"

And if the forward should reach the non-Muslims?
"Kah kah kah... so this is Islam eh?"
"Ayoyo... luckily not my race."

I'm amazed at the trouble these people actually went through to obtain such pictures. I doubt the 'sinners' realized that they were being photographed. To send such photographs without permission of the 'models' is a crime. I wonder why Malays are the only people in Malaysia doing such stuff, publishing such stuff. It's bad enough they have stories about Malay Muslims in compromising positions in magazines and tabloids. Strange though, I haven't received any such trash emails informing me about the wrongdoings of a Buddhist, a Christian or a Hindus. Are the non-Muslims simply don't care about what their neighbours are doing or the 'email senders' are the ones with a caring and holier-than-thou attitude? Or is the former group too busy with their work to send such stuff while the latter group has plenty of free time at the PC?

'Let not one group scoff at another group,...nor defame noe another, nor insult one another by nicknames...(Al Hujurat:10)

I used to merely delete the emails but not anymore. Just deleting will not solve the problem. The disease will continue. Now I stem it at its root by replying to the sender, reminding him or her about the endless sins he or she is actually committing by a mere click of the mouse. That usually cure my eyesore because I will no longer receive such trash from the sender. Hahaha..

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