Friday, November 8

On his own freewill

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Alhamdulillah...finally I managed to capture his actions with my handphone after many earlier attempts failed.  Ikram doesn't like to be told to pray behind his father. He would not wait for the imam and is easily distracted. Yet when he's in a good mood, he'll spread the sejadah, put on his father's kopiah and start 'Praying' by himself... just like in the pictures above.

Curious, I went nearer and heard him mumbling as he went through the prayer ritual. Later, when I asked him what he was doing, he said," 'bahyang la" (praying).
"Sembahyang siapa?" ( who did you pray to)?"
"Allah wabai(Allahakbar)"
Ok, that's good to hear it from his mouth.
When I was three, all I knew was to eat, play and have fun...haha.

Credit should go to his nursery school teachers who painstakingly and very patiently teach the children to pray and recite short prayers. We are still working on Ikram's recitation of the surah alfatihah. His pronunciation is still unclear.

Looking back, it's interesting to note that it took me months to remember all the right steps for prayer and the full recitation of this important surah, so I'm not pressuring him to get it correct so soon. He only does 2 rakaat.
I'm just happy that he's going through the motions voluntarily and he seems to be enjoying it.
Hopefully this will improve as he grows bigger.. insyaAllah. Now I know why some Malay children can pray at a young age. It's all the training they get. Thankfully his nursery school provides Islamic lessons too.
Oh yes.. he nags at his little brother and tells Ihsan to pray too..huhuu


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    1. Alhamdulillah Ikram received a prize for being the top iqra reader in his nursery school. I'm just glad he's more interested in books and solat compared to his toys.

  2. alhamdulillah, may he be a soleh muslim inshaAllah.