Wednesday, November 28


Islamic dressings, and Islamic car.. whatever will they think of next? It' s really disturbing when people so easily put labels on items using the name 'Islam' as if it is within their rights.
It's all right if indeed the concepts that they want to convey actually adheres to the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad. However, when the so-called Islamic dressing as as shown on tv or printed in the newspapers and magazines are not covering the wearer's aurat as they should, it is very frustrating indeed.

How would you explain the real teachings of Islam which only allows the woman's face and palms to be shown in public view when left and right, fesyen designers (mostly Malay Muslims) promote clothings that show off the body shape, that clearly exhibits her naked neck for all to see? The mere covering of the hair and a long loose dress is not Islamic dressing. It's fashion. Today's fashion seem to dictate that as long as the hair is covered, it's Islamic dressing. Hence a Malay woman may wear a colourful scarf, shows off her slender neck and shapely body in a tight kebaya and still thinks she is covering her aurat. In the name of Allah the Most Mercifu, their way of dressing is not helping Muslim sisters, especially reverts like me, who faithfully wears the tudung and covers aurat the proper way. We often have to deal with confused family members who'd point out the other Muslim women who are either bare-headed or kebaya-claded and demanded that we do the same.

Same goes for Islamic car which Proton plans to launch. It is disheartening when Muslims themselves become unelected spokepersons and take liberty to talk about their own concepts of Islam. Just because a car has certain criteria such as a compass and compartment for storing the al-Quran and prayer mat doesn't make it an Islamic car. It is easy to say so, in order to encourage Muslims to purchase one. However, if the car is poorly manufactured and breaks down, who will be the first to laugh their heads off at an 'Islamic' car?

Islam is a religion. Islam is the only true religion in the world. It is not for sale. It should not be linked to any worldly item and used to promote sales. May Allah forgive the naive and forgetful Muslims for misusing the name of Islam. May the learned Islamic scholars and respected muftis do their jobs and help clear the clouds of confusion that are growing among our Muslim brothers and sisters about the true teachings and concept of Islam.
I rest my case.


  1. salam, your writings are good. Keep it up. hope to know you better, InsyaAllah will read more on your blog after I come back fr Hajj. My flight is on 7th Dec. Pray for my safety journey and may I get Haji Mabrur, InsyaAllah.

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Tha calligraphy image on ur blog is actually haraam, kindly remove it.

  3. Waalaikumussalam,
    Wanted to do that earlier but I forgot. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. salam...

    saya sangat kagum dengan cikgu.