Wednesday, June 24



How fast time flies!
It's once again the month of Rejab. That indicates that there's 2 more months before the start of the fasting month, Ramadhan.

I welcome Rejab with open arms. InsyaAllah life will take a turn for the better. We will always be tested, and particularly so in these important months before syaitan are chained up during Ramadhan. I know, I've gone through much during Rejab and Syaaban every year since my reversion to Islam. However, the tests that we face will also bring us closer to Allah, as we discover new ways to communicate with Him and gain new knowledge in the process.
I wish you all the best in your learning process. May Allah swt keep you safe from harm, strong in iman and forever striving to be a better Muslim/

By the way, please don't believe too much about the myths of Rejab, as the chain mail is being passed around without the senders checking for its authenticity.
Remember everything you do including fasting during Rejab, do it sincerely for the sake of Allah, because you love Allah and Rasulullah saw, and want to gain His blessings [keredhaan]. Please check your intention when you fast. Do not to fast for reward - Islam is not about bargaining; we shouldn't think along this line - if I do this, I get that. If we think along this line... do a thing for Allah's reward, then we are no better than the kufur. Just ask yourself - if there's no reward for fasting during Rejab, would I fast? And why would I fast?

Ya Allah, may You keep us strong in faith during this testing month of Rejab. Help us from being fooled by the beauty of this temporary life and help us to prepare spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally for the coming month of Ramadhan. Thank you for all Your blessings. Ameen.

note: A look at the calender reveals some 'still-unsettled debts'.. ayoyo!!


  1. Some articles about Rejab (in Malay) at

  2. Bulan Rejab Menjelma. Ikuti Sunnah Jauhi Bid'ah:
    a) Fadhilat Rejab: Realiti atau Fantasi

    b) Hadith Palsu Puasa Dan Sholat Rejab

    c) Fatwa Shaikh al-Qaradawi tentang Puasa Rejab

    d) ‘Umar R.A. memukul tangan orang-orang yang berpuasa penuh dalam bulan Rejab

  3. Assalamualaikum

    i welcome Rejab with bittersweet feeling. sweet for the reason Ramadhan will coming soon. bitter because it was in Rejab the Khilafah was abolished by the treachery
    of kuffars and munafiqin. absent of khilafah is the reason behind Muslim Ummah's pathetic and turmoil
    situations we endured today.


  4. Waalaikumussalam Lenggang Kangkug, Masri & Azlan,
    Thanks for the link, friends.
    Azlan, whatever happened in the past, has already happened, with His will. Let's not blame the past but look towards the future,work hard to be good Muslims ourselves, k.

  5. Assalamualaikum

    yes we must look to the future, but lets not forget our past, for what we were then and now. we bear responsibility for our deeds, past and present.

    we must try hard to be good Muslim ourselves. in trying so we need shelter, the shelter of Syariah, that is only properly established by our Islamic state.

    in not talking about politics as westerners often understand. rather i'm talking about Islamic obligations.

    let me put it in malay. 'Khilafah ialah kefardhuan yg dilalaikan Umat Islam'. yes its Fardhu. according in Usul Al-Fiqh, Fardhu is greater significant than Wajib.

    well kak Aliya. don't take heart for my word for i disagreed some of your word. forgive me then, my sister in Iman. my respect always be with you


  6. Waalaikumussalam azlan,
    Yes,I do visit your blog and read all your post regerading the Khilafah.
    It's ok, not the least offended.We don't always have to agree on everything :)

  7. Salam, great blog u have. keep it up and keep the faith

  8. Rahmah,
    Waalaikumussalam... insyaAllah