Thursday, July 21


Syukur alhamdulillah, after waiting for days and postponing my cesaerean operation twice, finally the little baby was finally delivered on 14 July 2011.
The scheduled operation on July 8th had to be postponed due to a slight cough, which the specialists at the hospital said would be risky for me.Hence, I had to go home and return to the hospital again on the 10th, hoping that he'd arrive the next day. However, it was not meant to be, as the doctors agreed that it'd be safer to postpone it once again as I hadn't 100% recovered from the cough. They told me that due to the cough, there's probability that there's still germs in my weakened lungs. Therefor a general anesthesia whereby a tube would be used through my throat may cause my breathing to be blocked. They didn't want to take the risk of me landing in the ICU after delivery. So, I had to stay in the ward until I almost die of boredom [ I had to beg the anesthetist to allow me to be operated on - waiting was such a torture]

Therefore, baby number 2 arrived on Thursday, 14 July 2011 at about 11.03 am. Weight 3.03 kg.

It was a traumatic experience for me, for both of us nearly couldn't come out of the Operating Theatre alive.
I was given a spinal anesthesia but my blood pressure dropped suddenly during the operation causing me to almost faint, and I had to be called several times by the doctors. Then when they finally reached the uterus, the anesthetist told me to prepare for some pain. Suddenly I felt several hands pressing my tummy and I screamed. The baby's head was not really engaged and the doctor had some problems getting him out. They kept on pressing hard and all I could do was to bear the pain, scream, pray hard and hope to hear the baby's cries. After what seems like eternity, I finally heard the baby's screaming and I told the doctors that I could not stand the pain any longer.[ Indeed, if I had failed to hear him, I might even give up there and then]. I lost consciousness again and was given a general anesthesia for them to continue with the procedure.
I later discovered in the medical report that the doctors almost failed to deliver the baby and had to use forceps as the last attempt to deliver him - the forceps marks were on his forehead for the first 3 days. Poor baby had to be resuscitated, so I only saw him for the first time when I was wheeled into the ward.

We had to stay in the hospital ward for 6 days after his delivery, due to my rather high blood pressure readings and his jaundice [started in 3rd day] and were finally home on the 19th.
Hubby had to take over the role of looking after Ikram while both of us were warded, and seems to have lost some weight :P

As for this latest little bundle of joy, Husband and I had decided to name him Ihsan Hakimi.
Ihsan's name is also our hopes and prayers for him.

He's doing well, although is still not 100% healthy. We still have to take him for jaundice checkups at the clinic, as his latest reading for the 7th day is 243. I've been working hard breastfeeding him [and with a little home remedy] to reduce the level.
Bot grandmas are happy and had visited him in the ward.
Ikram seems to take his presence well, and had been trying to climb up the baby cot to throw toys to his baby brother. Perhaps due to his constant exposure to little crying babies in the nursery, Ikram is indifferent to having a new baby at home.

Ihsan drinks more milk than Ikram, so I have to maintain a very good diet in order to provide enough breast milk. So far so good, alhamdulillah.

Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers for us, which I believe had helped us in so many ways.
It had been a very trying period for my family - waiting for days in the ward before the delivery, waiting in the ward after the delivery to go home - and Ikram being unwell at the same time. We had never thought that it's be so difficult this time around, as our patience and iman were tested to the fullest.
Alhamdulillah for Allah's love, grace and mercy.We can plan but it is His will that things happened the way they did.
I'm grateful for everything and most appreciative of Hubby's help and support at this very important time.
Will update when the time allows.


  1. Moga puan tetap tabah dengan ujian ini. Maafkan saya kerana beritahu kpd geng mrc club status puan setelah saya melawat puan.
    Sayapun membantu sekadar termampu.
    May Allah bless us always. Ameen

  2. Terima kasih, joe. Ameen.
    Tak mengapa, malah terima kasih lagi, kerana saya percaya mereka pun ingin tahu perkembangan terkini kami.
    Saya banyak belajar semasa berada di dalam wad, dan antaranya : Jika kita redha apabila diberi kemudahan dan kekayaan, kita juga perlu redha apabila diberi kesusahan dan kemiskinan, kerana itu semua ketentuanNya yang Maha Berkuasa.

  3. alhamdulillah kak.. congrats & take care of yourself & ihsan :)

  4. alhamdulillah dan tahniah atas kehadiran ihsan.

    ps: teacher, saya jumpa ikram dan abahnya sehari sebelum ihsan lahir di penang. it was a journey of father and daughters less than 24 hrs.

  5. Semuga Rahmat dan Magfirah Allah selalu bersama ibu bapa dan keluargaIhsan

  6. Salam Sis,
    May Allah bless you with good health and bountiful rizq, protect you and baby Ihsan.
    Congratulations and please take good care of your health.

  7. alhamdulillah~

    selamat datang ihsan hakimi~

  8. Che Gu Aliya, Tahniah...tahniah..semoga Ihsan Hakimi di rahmati Allah jua...sedap nama tu...

  9. Alhamdulillah kak. smoga ibu dan bb cepat2 sembuh dan sihat hendak-Nya..amin..

    p/s: rindu akak kt dlm 'gua' :p

  10. Assalamualaikum kak aliya. Alhamdulillah... I'm so glad to be able to see Ihsan and know that both of you are doing well now. InsyaAllan soon, he'll be 100% healthy. Take care kak aliya. Send my warmest hugs to Ikram and baby brother Ihsan.

  11. Alhamdulillah...& tahniah...syukur juga krn puan (& hubby) telah berjaya mgharungi suatu dugaan yg mncabar dgn sabar.

  12. Terima kasih atas doa dan ucap selamat.
    Azween - InsyaAllah
    Maryam - yakah? hehehe, Ikram memang merap pada Abahnya sepanjang masa saya berada di wad hospital. Alhamdulillah sekarang dia dah ok kembali setelah saya pulang ke rumah.
    Wan Sharif - Ameen, terima kasih.
    Ahong - Ameen, thanks

  13. Waalaikumussalam kakchik,
    Thanks. Alhamdulillah both the boys seem to get on well for now. Ihsan is still waiting for your confirmation, you know, hehehee...

  14. Terima kasih, nas.
    Alhamdulillah, demam kuning Ihsan masih dalam kawalan. Masih agak tinggi tetapi tidak perlu dimasukkan ke wad. Dia anak yang aktif, kuat nenyusu,tambahan pula abangnya Ikram suka mengusik dengan mainan :)

  15. congrats sis!! moge kehadiran ihsan makin menyenangkan hidup keluarge sis;)