Tuesday, March 9


"I don't know how you can stand the heat, with your covered head, and long sleeved clothes. I'm melting over here!" Mom's voice could be heard clearly on the phone.
I grinned. I'm used to hearing Mom complaining about the hot weather.
"I'm fine. Used to it. Anyway, I'm usually indoors," I replied.

Ahhhh.... the hot weather. Everyone's complaining. It's a challenge if you have to work outdoors or travelling. You risk falling sick.

I guess my mother, a Buddhist, must have thought that I'm out of my mind to be wearing a hijab in this hot weather. Some of my non Muslim friends did ask me once, how I coped despite the heat. Well, it's all in the mind, really.
The trick is, don't even think about the heat.

Some people think that wearing a hijab in this hot weather might cause the brain to be overheated. Hahahaa... very funny. Actually, it's on the contrary. Covering one's head when going out under the hot sun is offers one a better protection than being bare-headed. That's why Europeans wear the hats. Head covers are important when we walk under the sun, especially for those with black hair; so that our heads don't suffer from sunburn.

Oh, I do admit, wearing socks [hands and legs] is very challenging in this heat. But insyaAllah when we think about Allah and gaining His pleasure, we'd be able to go about completely covering our aurat. Of course, we Muslimah still have choices. We can choose to wear loose clothes with long button-up sleeves so that we won't have to wear the handsocks. We can wear clothes with comfortable material. And with the latest hijab fashion, we can opt to wear suitable long hijab or tudung without having to put on the underscarves. We can make smart choices.

Unfortunately we still hear about certain people who thinks it's crazy of us to go about fully covered on these hot days. "It's better to wear as little as possible, so that we feel more comfortable."
Yeah, yeah... but that applies only in the safe sanctuary of our homes. For us Muslims, we should remember that live here on earth is only temporary. There's a better world than this, and to gain entrance, we have to be steadfast in our akidah.
If we enjoy ourselves here by disobeying His laws about covering the aurat, we'd only suffer in hell. There, the heat is many times hotter than anywhere on earth.
And yes, each time a Muslimah exposes herself by choosing not to cover her aurat, she's getting a step closer to hell's door, unless she repents on time and changes her ways. Believe me, it's hotter over there.


  1. nice one sister..

    btw.. u get more and move UV on your skin by wearing as little as possible. this is a big risk factor for cancer too.

    so.. yep, Allah knows best what His creations need

    may Allah bless

  2. Thanks Humayra',
    Thanks. Agree with you about the UV exposure, hehehe.