Tuesday, April 21


Alhamdulillah. 10 is a magic number. And after 2 weeks, we finally have ten.
After its birth on 7 April, we have 10 members in the Muslim Reverts Club and insyaAllah will continue to grow in strength and number.

I believe in having a strong network for Muslim reverts as not all Muslims around us would be able to emphatise with our problems, and ready to offer advice and help when we really need them. It is not always possible for us to attend lectures and special programmes on Islam due to our own busy schedules and family commitments. We might hesitate to register ourselves as members of certain Muslim NGOs for reasons we know best. Hence, communicating through emails is an effective way for busy people like us to keep in touch and share information about Islam, dakwah programmes in Malaysia, personal comments and ideas, etc. I'm just the moderator, hehehe and insyaAllah when the number reaches 30, we'd elect our committee members.

As for now, I choose not to reveal the identity of our members. It is suffice to say that we are young Muslims who have chosen Islam for its beauty and truth (some are still single), eager to learn more about Islam and want to do our best in dakwah Islamiyah in our own ways.

If you have friends who are Muslim reverts, invite them over. All you need to do is to send me an email [lyea71@gmail.com]with your name, Muslim name(if you have one), email address, age, date of reversion, location, handphone number, blog address (if any) and the latest pic of yourself.

We are planning to have a gathering somewhere in Malaysia some time this year, insyaAllah.. when most are free from work and examinations :)


  1. AssalamuAlaikum WrWb Kak Aliya,

    Kawan saya inshaAllah akan jadi Muslim. Dia lelaki la, club ni lelaki tak?


  2. Waalaikumussalam wrh wbt
    Miss O1,
    Sudah tentu ada, sekarang terdapat 3 orang dari kaum Adam dan insyaAllah akan bertambah.

  3. Assalamualaikum

    may Allah bless your effort kak Aliya.

    i may have something for you.

    - Sazlina Goh binti Abdullah (chinese)

    i found during blog surfing about latest happening of perak political fiasco. landed on her friend's blog


    which leads me to her own blog. but never actually try to contact her. she lives in penang too. she maybe mualaf.


    - Lily Salfariena Liew Abdullah (sino if i remember correctly)

    my university friend fold me about her. she friend working at her college. we (me and my friend) both was a volunteers at 'JAWI saudara baru' dept during our university days. don't really know her. anyway here's her blog and facebook.



    - NuruL Wahyuni Kerk Shiau Phin

    She was my little sister's senior at pahang matriculation college, gambang. her story below and her friendster




    her fs



  4. Assalamualaikum

    kak Aliya, ni how ma?

    don't have much oppurtunity to read your blog recently. i was occupied by this political turmoil which happening around us. also my friend during my university days was visiting me. he from perak so much to talk about. we are really close during those days. and still close today.

    what i really feel angry and depress today is about the govt verdict on the child conversion issue.

    how could we left our newly convert Muslim brother alone at the time he most needed our support and help.

    and our elected government conspire with kuffar to made our brother lost his childrens.

    too tired to say more here. i already wrote it on my blog.

    so i think what you have done is really great effort. may Allah bless you. i always support you and your effort kak Aliya even i'm not a member. i'm not qualify to be one :)

    may one day your group will be strong and independant in defending our newly revert brothers and sisters' s right. as well as an support physically and psychologically.


  5. Assalamualaikum

    check this blog out. many interesting article from this iban revert brother. don't know his name though



  6. Salam azlan,
    Thanks. I've emailed him but he has yet to reply.

  7. salam kak aliya

    sye pun nak share gak laa. dier nie penyanyi nasyid. asal sabah kot. aritu ader masuk paper. sodap gak sore dier. chomel hiks hiks.

    opss.. nama dier Leia az-Zahra@Farrahdinah



  8. Salam ziarah daripada ibanmuslim.blogspot.com

  9. Salaam sis aliya,

    i emailed you a few weeks back not sure if you received it?

  10. Thanks, olynn, Iban muslim, Rayhana,
    olynn, tak dapat cari dia. Tunggu dia cari kita, hehehe.
    Iban Muslim, terima kasih.
    Rayhana, I've replied your email and added you in. Thanks.

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  12. assalamualaikum kak aliya,

    saya quzaini. dari damansara jaya.
    terlalu banyak ingin sya luahkan. mengenai sahabat saya,
    pelbagai ranjau dan dugaan terpaksa dia lalui
    lebih2 lagi selepas diceraikan suaminya.
    namun, apa yg saya boleh bantu?

    saya boleh dihubungi melalui email amyraamy13@gmail.com dan ym busra_dj@yahoo.com

    dan bagaimana saya dapat menghubungi kak aliya?agak sulit dan terlalu peribadi

  13. Waalaikumussalam dukun melayu,
    Boleh emel saya menggunakan alamat emel yang ada di sebelah kanan halaman blog ini, lyea71@gmail.com.
    InsyaAllah saya akan balas secepat mungkin

  14. Assalamualaikum Sis Aliya..

    Kawan saya baru memeluk Islam pada 23 April 2010. Dia adalah Chinese lelaki. Umur dia dalam 36 years old. Kak aliya, boleh tak kak aliya membantu? Saya mencari saudara2 mualaf yang dapat membantu beliau. Sekurang2nya beliau mempunyai kawan sebangsa dgn dia. Saya harap kak aliya dapat membantu. Saya ingin melihat dia menjadi seorang muslim yang baik.

  15. Waalaikumussalam cempaka,
    Alhamdulillah, semoga kawan anda bertambah kuat imannya dan di bawah lindungan Allah, ameen, Saya perlu tahu lokasi kawan anda supaya boleh mengesyorkan saudara Islam lain kepadanya.

  16. dia tinggal di Damansara Damai.. dan bekerja dia Seksyen 14, PJ.. harap akak dapat membantu..

  17. cempaka,
    Boleh cuba ajak kawan anda itu ke Masjid Kota Damansara. Di sana ada program untuk mualaf, dan terdapat mualaf lelaki yang menjadi ajk masjid. Boleh juga hubungi saudara iqqhuan di http://aku-mualaf.blogspot.com/

  18. Glad to be part of this club.

  19. Salam kak Aliya,

    there's a club for reverts? didn't know . =)

  20. Assalamualaikum, Alhamdulilah, i've found this blog. Hope i'm not far behind in this blog.