Sunday, February 15


There are things that I don't care a hoot about and there're things I'm passionate about. Standing up for Islam is one thing I feel obliged to do. It's my duty and everyone's duty to do so.Informing the truth about the teachings of Islam is another. Being a Muslimah has made me courageous and vocal in my thoughts. I have been mulling over this issue the whole day and alhamdullillah am finally allowed to pen down my thoughts.

I read with rising anger in my heart about the so-called 'inequality' mentioned by the so-called champions of Muslim women in the SundayStar this morning. Pahh! What nonsense!
Aren't those women attending the Musawah supposed to be intelligent beings or are they barking up the wrong tree? If they are actually saying they want to fight for the rights of Muslim women, why are they insisting that certain teachings and practises in Islam which have been stated rightfully in the Quran and Hadith as bringing injustice to Muslim women? Pardon me but from my interpretation, they're actually intending to demand for the banning of polygamy and label of nusyuz for disobedient wives, among other things? Intending to change what's been taught and practised by Muslims since the day of prophet Muhammad himself?

I'm amazed, really. While those poor misguided souls are discussing these 'injustices' as they see it in the Prince Hotel, what are 0ther Muslims and Muslimahs doing outside? Nod aye to their ideas or just remain silent as always? Other than some bloggers who put up the open letter issued by Persatuan Ulama Malaysia, most Malaysians are as always, generously accommodating. Indeed we are so accommodating that this Musawah is allowed to be carried out on our soil.
Are we going to allow some misguided women to tell us that the al-Quran and Hadith has been unfair to Muslimahs?
Are we going to allow those same people to plant ideas to the minds of our wives, daughters, sisters and non-Muslim women friends that Islam has been unjust to Muslim women all this while?
Are we honouring Allah swt and prophet Muhammad by allowing them to proclaim that polygamy, which is an option, as being unjust to Muslim woman and the cause of family breakup? (and yet some of those at the meeting aren't even married)
And are we, who call ourselves His servants, going to remain silent in the name of Sabar?
Yet, Sabar has its limit. We shouldn't be Sabar when Islam is being misinterpreted.

I know that our men and our brothers especially the PUM have voiced their objection. But what about the others?
Those attending are women, who call themselves Muslimah. They claim that Muslimah in Malaysia are being treated as 2nd-class citizens. They claim that certain teachings in Islam are wrong and should be abolished for being unjust to Muslim women. They are women who have discarded their tudung, who claim that they are the liberated Muslimah?
What say the other Muslimah in Malaysia, who strive to be solehah wives and who obey Allah by covering your aurat? Where are your voices? By remaining as the silent majority, are you doing your duty to Islam? Are you supporting the ideas brought forth by SIS or you have your own beliefs?

As I see it, there's nothing wrong about Islamic teachings. While some parts of the syariah courts could be improved, it doesn't mean that Muslimah are oppressed people. It doesn't give them the right to claim that Islamic teachings have been unjust to women. In other religions too, women have been treated unjustly.In fact, women of other faiths have embraced Islam mainly because of the justice and special privileges given to women by this beautiful religion and way of life - but do "those liberalist women" see it? I don't think so, otherwise they won't be in KL today.

I'm a Muslimah, a woman and a servant of Allah swt. I am one who to bow to Him in obedience. I find the ideas championed by SIS and those at the Musawah to be totally against the true teachings of Islam as found in the al-Quran and Hadith.
Sisters of the ummah, do not allow those who are ignorant to plant seeds of doubt in the hearts of our less-knowledgeable Muslim sisters, daughters and create confusion among the non-Muslims. Call them misguided. Say aloud that they're wrong. They're not championing for Muslimahs. They themselves are more lost than we are.
True Muslimahs who know what the al-Quran and Hadith teach are already liberated and happy.
I've voiced my opinion. This is my stand. I can sleep in peace tonight because I know what my answer is, if I should be questioned by Him about this issue one day.
What about you?


  1. Salam a'layk.

    I ask for your permission to forward this article to friends in e-mails.

    Thank you.

  2. Salam Kak,

    I'm in a hurry now but I'll be here to read this again, Insya-Allah. This is important.

  3. Salam Kak Aliya...

    Kak Aliya saya nak minta kebenaran untuk link @ add blog Kak Aliya ini di blog saya...saya telah berbuat demikian dan ingin sekali Kak Aliya mengetahui mengenainya...

    Salam Perkenalan Kak Aliya...:-)

    Semoga Kak Aliya sentiasa berada di bawah limpah rahmat Allah swt...Amin...

    Salam dari bumi Preston,Lancashire UK:

  4.'ve done your part in this issue. How about if you submit this post to any newspaper in Malaysia and see what the responsible party (Gove or Jabatan Agama) says about it? Strong opinion Alya...and it is true indeed!

  5. 1. It is our responsibility, the men and women of Islam to justify the 'injustice'.Strongly agree with you.

    2. It is also our responsibility to portray and EXPRESS THEM ALOUD (what you've been doing), the true teachings of Islam because what they've been seeing all this time was all the wrong interpretation of islam (in their opinion).

    eg. women portrayed as slave (according to zainah anwar-referring to her own mum), while in islam, women is not forced to do house chores pun. Women get rewarded with pahala to look after hubby and children. It's not wrong for a guy to give a hand in the kitchen -which is normal now. It is more to a cultural thing that as esteners, women are the obedient homemakers. She said that being liberated is being open but she's not. She's not sensitive of the change we've been through. We have muslimahs as doctors, specialists, lawyers, lecturers, teachers and etc. Any career and you name it. Islam doesn't suppress women from getting a proper education or work. These muslimahs have families, career, head-scarved and NOT SLAVED by their husband. THEY'LL BE REWARDED FOR HOMEMAKING, TREATING HUSBAND and finally SERVING BACK TO THE SOCIETY(thru their careers). Men too have their own responsibilities. That is TO PROTECT WIFE AND FAMILIES, GIVING NAFKAH TO THE FAMILY and SERVE THE SOCIETY(thru their careers). I see a balance there or should i say EQUAL?

  6. Salam Kak Aliya, I do believed all those women so called the "fighter for inequality" is having an inferiority complex inside their bodies n minds. The needs to cover it up has resulted them to manipulate the truth. This is what happened when people starts to think, talk and act based on what the called selflogic and only accepted in their own circulation. The truth is being adjusted to ease their needs and ways. mmm...The ugly reality reflects when peoples start to create and change whats being constituted in Al-Quran..May Allah's bless and love will always be with us all..
    Take care kak Aliya..

  7. Salam Faizal,
    Well, you've known me for more than 3 years. Have I ever been other than controversial and opinionated, hehehe? As for submitting this post to the english daily, well.. I'm actually waiting (and praying) for a united stand, a strong and loud voice of true Muslimahs in Malaysia regarding this issue. Hopefully the women wings of Muslim NGOs will come forward to make their voices heard.Let's show them that Muslimahs here disagree with their ideas. We Muslimahs need to speak for ourselves, not let the men do it.

  8. Waalaykumussalam Himan & Faiza,
    Mohamad Hilman, you're welcome to.It's just my RM2 thoughts, am sure some other Muslimah can express in a better way.
    Menarik blog Faiza. Terima kasih kerana memberitahu & mendoakan saya, ameen :)

  9. Assalamualaikum,

    Although I have limited knowledge of Islam because as many people say I am still a mualaf (still learning Islam). Even I know the beautiful balance of man and women and how 'equality' in the sense where even non-muslims can understand it. Each gender have their own important role to play.

    Simple analogy:
    We cant ask men to get pregnant and we cant ask a women to do heavy work like carrying very heavy objects.

    Not only physically but also emotionally, and spiritually. What this people who claimed to championed the rights of women in Islam really makes me unhappy in some way. I can only see how the beautiful balance that we practiced in Islam is termed as unequality by this people.

    I wonder where is the ISA now when there are people who try to toy around with Islam in Malaysia. Maybe our 'smart' muslim leaders support this movement?

    I disagree with this idea of SIS.
    (still unhappy)

  10. Waalaikumussslam jr & ereen,
    Thanks for your comments. Very true, everything we willingly do which adhere to Islamic teaching will be rewarded.
    I wouldn't have bothered if these women have called themselves by other names. By being known as SIS, they're carrying a huge responsibility, something they've not delivered well.

  11. Ahong, don't be sad. Being unhappy will not help. Be rightfully angry for they've distorted the truth and are spreading lies.

  12. Salam Kak Aliya,

    This is my 1st time here. Gonna link it with my page.

    I agree with u. Even today, 18th Feb, there is an article in the Star about that so-called Muslim female champs. Pure nonsense.

    I admit, I still miss some obligations, here and there; wearing tudung with a short-sleeved shirt, but I'm trying to fulfill my duties as a Muslim, day by day. To me, no matter how we would like to bend the rules of Islam to accomodate our own interest, the fact is, we are the ones who must follow the rules and teachings, not the other way round. Fact is a fact, like it or not. Right?

    It is sad how some people would twist the teachings of Islam to fit their personal agendas, but it is even sadder to see how much they influenced the younger generation, especially those my age. I shudder to think of the day when people would only see Islam as a religion inherited from the parents, but not to be practised as the way of life. Nauzubillah.